Snake Runes
Snake Runes

Snake Runes

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In ancient Finland, snakes were believed to be elves taking on a snakey disguise. People saw snakes as friendly companions, protectors and pets. Your household was considered lucky if you had a snake or two wandering in your yard, in gratitude for these curled companions, offerings were made. After milking, a bowl of milk would be left for them, as they were seen as beneficial creatures that helped keep the barn free of pesky rodents. Also the first harvest was usually offered to these guardian snakes. 

Now, our runes pack a special punch – they've got real snake-shedded skin for that extra boost of protection in your future adventures. Think of these runes as a secret handbook of ancient wisdom, letting you tap into some primal powers and awaken that snake-like energy within you. 

For those drawn to the dark depths of the abyss, our dark ocean blue, black, and golden glitter runes beckon. With these runes in hand, you'll plunge into the enigmatic allure of the deep sea, where secrets lie hidden and treasures await discovery.

Or immerse yourself in the enchanting spirit of autumn with our mesmerizing runes, inspired by the captivating hues of the fall season. As you explore the magical world, you'll discover the ever-changing beauty of the natural realm.

Infused with the ancient spirit of the North, these runes are your bridge to uncovering the long-lost myths and untold legends. Choose the set that resonates most with your inner adventurer and set forth on a quest of untold enchantment!

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