Citizen of Sodom


This old school collection, Citizen of Sodom has been brought back. It has been a highly requested collection, and it made its first appearance 15 years ago. Its story is not specifically from the north but the message of it is provided by Northern Tribe.

Sodoma was a town in old tales destroyed because of its’ citizens were viewed sinful. Other men delusively came up with the idea of taking power into their own hands in the name of their beliefs. They started to make up false accusations about the inhabitants of Sodom because that city was out of their control. Sodom was not plagued by the problems of twisted politics and religion, it was a city based on free will.

As this town faced its destruction by hand of others´ judges, so has happened throughout all history of humanity, including north. Many Finnish cities were burned and people harassed for their differences. People fear the unknown and are willing to destroy what they fear.  

Our message to you is, be who you are. No one is here to decide how you should live your life, as long as you don’t hurt others doing so. With this collection, we want to encourage you to be proud of your own beliefs and thoughts and become who you are.