Spell System

Runic Spells unlock the door into great advantages in the realm of Northern Tribe. When you earn a Runic Spell and use its' code while shopping, you will get a discount. You have 3 ways to have a chance at obtaining a runic spell.

Rune of the Ancients 

Participation in our mythology Quiz events on Instagram - This grants a chance to earn this Rune

Whispering Winds Charm

Share stories/posts with our clothing on social media and tag us - This grants a chance to earn this Charm

Haggler's Spell

Become closer who you are - When your total purchase (over any period of time) exceed 100€ in total, you shall earn this spell. The earned spells gradually increase in power for the most loyal Tribers.

May your path be prosperous and your adventures boundless. Good luck in acquiring the spells.