The Hossa collection is inspired by an antler-headed rock painting figure originally located in Hossa, Finland. It is part of a larger set of images painted to a boulder formation near a waterway.

The rock painting, a signature from the past, was made by one of the earliest northern tribes who roamed in Finland 2500–5000 years ago. This artistic expression is rooted in the nature-based beliefs from the Stone Age era in Finland.

The painting reflects our ancestors´ love and respect for nature, which still to this day lives deep in the hearts of their descendants. This human figure, combined with animalistic features, is interpreted to be a shaman performing rituals and connecting to spirit realms through a sacred ceremony. Some ancient tales also tell shamans were able to transform into animals fully or partially.

Or is it possible that this just is a representation of a weird-ass dude partying with an cool hat. Who knows for sure. Nonetheless, this is a tribute to our ancestors. They left behind something mysterious, which we can now wear with pride.